Capt. Kathe and First Mate Pup Pup : Boats tours, fishing charters, Eco tours, boat rides in Cortez, Bradenton Beach, Anna Maria, Manatee County, Sarasota, Long Boat Key, West Coast of Florida.

Cortez/Anna Maria/Bradenton Beach Boat Tours & Charters

941-812-3241 : Located @ the dock of the Star Fish Company
Dockside Restaurant 12306 46th Ave W., Cortez, Florida

Captain Kathe and First Mate Pup-Pup

Fishing Charters :

You can go on a tour with fishing equipment and help someone pay for their overpowered boat or go catch some fish with a knowledgable fourth generation commercial fisherman and native Cortezian.

Sightseeing Boat Tour :

Scenic, beautiful, peaceful interaction with all things natural and serene. Bring a picnic basket and camera. Better than a spa at a fraction of the price.

Rates :

No hidden fees. Best rates in town!

Contact !!

Call or email Captain Kathe!

Journal :

News, rants, pictures, stories and an ongoing love letter to the sea.


Captain Kathe buys her own boat! story by Cindy Lane of the Anna Maria Sun.

Captain Kim's Charters. The OTHER hardest working couple in Cortez!! Call Captain Kim for your boat detailing needs. Also a great couple to call in for your boat concerns during hurricane watches. Top, friendly service.

Anna Maria Sun article "Cortez woman starts shrimping business" by Cindy Lane.

Tampa Tribune "It Takes A Village.". A great tour with Captain Kathe, stories of Cortez and even her famous family recipe for fried Snook.

New York Times article: 2/13/2005

Weekly Planet Article "The Starfish Parables" by RhondaK. Includes Captain Kathe and some Cortez history.

Captain Kathe talks to the Sarasota Herald about Denzel Washington filming in Cortez and the net ban.

Captain Kathe wears Costa Del Mar sunglasses... to better see the manatees. She has a testimonial on their web site.

Bay News 9 : Sound bite of net bans effect on Cortez.

Star Fish Company : Captain Kathe docks at her favorite restaurant where she also makes the famous Key Lime Pie.

Bryan Ibasfalean, a Cortez fisherman and independent filmmaker, has posted mini-documentaries on his Web site.

Cortez's Glen "Rabbit" Brooks is president of the GFA, Gulf Fishermen's Association for commercial fishermen. Capt. Kathe often points out his boats at the docks on her tours or as they come back in with a catch.

Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage (FISH) Web Portal: includes information on Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival.

Cortez History : from State of Florida. Includes timeline.

Lou's Market : Quickie mart to the locals! Great meat selection, ice and other necessities.

RhondaK - Tiki Bar Signs, Mermaids and More!

Extreme Polynesian Beach House. Captain Kathe often points this fabulous resort out on her tours as the perfect vacation getaway. How often do you see such an isolated island getaway so close to so many other things to do?

Meet groovy, grumpy, gorgeous and gruesome sea creatures caught in the Cortez "critter getter." A hands on nature tour.
If you choose the one hour Eco Tour, Capt.Kathe and First Mate Pup Pup get overboard with her homemade Cortez critter gitter (made by a real live Cortezian!! ). The tour could also include a sandbar adventure where every one gets to get overboard and join a fun sea hunt for sea critters. A 2 hour tour includes both.

A benefit to all boat trips is seeing all types of birds, watching playful dolphins, hanging out with manatees, enjoying sea turtles, finding starfish , seeking seahorses and types of fish. Tours can include snorkling, sight seeing, bird watching and more.

The water in the Bay is really an amazing color so that many sea creatures are visible.

First Mate Pup Pup is a good sea buddy to have on a boat tour.

One of the many dolphins in Sarasota Bay that you can see up close most days.

Some islands in the Bay are designated bird sanctuaries.

Captain Kathe and Mike Fannon, First Mate Pup Pup pose on the Fannon shrimp boat. That is another family business. Cortezians are all about investment diversity and hardwork!

Captain Kathe and First Mate Pup Pup.