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Cortez, FL

Cortez/Anna Maria/Bradenton Beach Boat Tours & Charters
Very Kid-Friendly!

Sightseeing Boat Tours
The part of Sarasota Bay behind the Star Fish Restaurant in Cortez is rich in wildlife and beauty. Capt. Kathe can organize sand bar tours. Locals enjoy anchoring up to different sand bars around the barrier islands and in the gulf to relax. The water in most of these places verge from clear to amazing soul relaxing aqua.

This area also has bird sanctuaries, bridges, sunsets, amazing seagrass beds, mangrove islands and more. Capt. Kathe is a fourth generation Cortiezian.

This area has been her family's livelihood and backyard for decades. She loves to show people the place that has been the very heart and blood of her family for generations.

Eco Tours
Meet groovy, grumpy, gorgeous and gruesome sea creatures caught in the Cortez "critter getter." A hands on nature tour.

If you choose the one hour Eco Tour, Capt.Kathe and First Mate Pup Pup get overboard with her homemade Cortez critter gitter (made by a real live Cortezian!! ). The tour could also include a sandbar adventure where every one gets to get overboard and join a fun sea hunt for sea critters. A 2 hour tour includes both.

A benefit to all boat trips is seeing all types of birds, watching playful dolphins, hanging out with manatees, enjoying sea turtles, finding starfish , seeking seahorses and types of fish. Tours can include snorkling, sight seeing, bird watching and more.